Is to provide excellent training wherein eminent counselors impart the training.

Which includes maintaining of Lawns/Gardens with the help of experienced gardeners. Watering, Cutting & Planting new shrubs at regular intervals or as per requirement will be provided by perks. Natural and artificial indoor & out door plants also could be done supplied. Fresh flowers arrangement could be done if needed by the organization on daily bases.

Arranging for pest control against white ants, mosquitoes, cockroaches etc. In the commercial premises by trained personal using specialized chemicals will be provided as per the requirement of the organization. We also provide for Termite Eradication Treatment for commercial premises.

Maintenance of vehicles as per the requirement of the organization

For maintaining the power points, power panels, light fixtures, detection & rectification
of abnormalities for the smooth functioning of the electrical system.

Water management by checking water pressure meter. Operational records at
regular intervals. Regular checking & repair of all sanitary fixtures & supply lines.

Minor repairs of wooden surfaces due to seasonal variation, polishing of furniture
& finally making and fixing new wooden partitions, racks, cupboards, doors etc.

Continuous vigilance on the premises, maintaining the records